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You will find the Industry Brethren Church supports the outreach programs of both our denomination and local community.


Missionaries.  Our denomination, The Unity of the Brethren, has two families currently serving as Missionaries in Honduras and Mexico.  Our congregation supports these families both spiritually and monetarily.  The denomination also sponsors short-term mission work programs annually.  


The Hus Encampment.  For years the congregation of the Industry Brethren Church has supported the Hus Encampment, the official camping facility of the Unity of the Brethren.  Located near Caldwell, Texas, the Hus Encampment provides summer camps for the youth of the Brethren congregations throughout Texas.



In addition to supporting major Outreach programs of our denomination, the Industry Brethren Church also supports local Christian organizations and participates with other congregations in the community.


Mission Meal.  Our congregation supports the local community Mission Meal program, which periodically provides a meal and Christian fellowship to shut-ins and seniors within the Industry area.  Six local congregations support this outreach program, including our congregation, the Industry Brethren Church.


West End Christian Cooperative Organization (WECCO).  The Industry Brethren Church is one of ten participating churches in the area, which supports the West End Christian Cooperative Organization.  This organizationís major projects include food and clothing distribution to the needed.  WECCO also organizes and sponsors a local CROP Walk, which our congregation has been involved in and supported.




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Industry Brethren Church

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