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Our History


All Christian churches trace their history back to Bible times: 

§         God’s creation of the Universe

§         His choosing of the Hebrew nation to be the people through whom he would reveal himself in a special way

§         The sending of his Son into the world to provide a way of salvation for all of mankind

§         The sharing of God’s love by those first Christian apostles.


The Apostle Paul shared the Gospel with the Thessalonians in his second missionary journey.  From the Christian fellowship that was established, two missionaries, Cyrill and Methodius, traveled to Eastern Europe in the 9th century and established Christ’s Church among the Czech.  Later, the authority of the Church was taken over by Rome.


While the church was under the authority of Rome, the scripture and the elements of Holy Communion (the cup and the bread) were not made available to all Christians.  Only the clergy had access to both.


A Catholic priest, John Hus, took it upon himself in the 1400’s to proclaim the need for:

§         The Scripture to be available to all people, in their own language,

§         Clergy to reflect a more Christ-like life, and

§         Both elements of Holy Communion to be available to all Christians -- the cup and bread.


However, his opinions were rejected and was put on trial which resulted in him being condemned and burned to death.  In 1457 the followers of John Hus met in present day Czech Republic and organized the Unity of the Brethren.  The Brethren Church became one of the first Protestant Churches, predating Martin Luther and Protestant Reformation by nearly 100 years.  Centuries of persecution and bloodshed followed.  However, the group continued to spread the word of the Lord and established the present day Moravian Church in Germany.


As the Czech heard word of cheap land and a new start in America, many of the Brethren traveled from Europe to the United States, with many settling in Texas.  To meet the spiritual needs of the newcomers, Brethren churches were established throughout Texas.


The Unity of the Brethren was organized in Texas in 1903.  Today, the Unity of the Brethren in Texas consists of 27 congregations located from the plains of North Texas to the Gulf Coast.  The Industry Brethren Church was one of the first established by pioneer Protestant ministers and is a member congregation of the Unity of the Brethren.




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