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Frequently Asked Questions


Q & A (Questions & Answers)Is the Industry Brethren Church a new church or new denomination?

            No.  The Industry Brethren Church has been serving the Lord and worshiping in Industry, Texas since the 1870ís. 

The denomination, The Unity of the Brethren, began in the present day Czech Republic in the 1400ís, therefore predating the origin of most Protestant churches.  As Czech descendants immigrated, churches were established throughout Texas to meet the spiritual needs of the newcomers. 


When are services held?

            Worship Services are held every Sunday at 9 AM.  Please see our Calendar for a complete listing of our special services and upcoming events.


When & how is communion offered to the congregation?

            Communion is typically offered monthly, in conjunction with special events such Christmas, Easter, Motherís Day, etc.  Please see our Calendar for a complete listing of the Communion Dates. 

Communion is typically brought to the congregation, which is seated in the pews.


Can visitors receive communion?

            Yes.  The Brethren Church believes all believers of Christ should be welcome.  Additionally, visitors are welcome to all of our services -- we look forward to seeing you.


Are there activities for Children?

            Presently, we do not have an active Sunday School program.  Ministry to youth is always emphasized at worship and a expansion of our youth activities in the future is looked forward to.  Our denomination does has a Youth Organization. 



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Industry Brethren Church

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