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The purpose of the Industry Brethren Church is to provide an environment and opportunity, which provides for worship, spiritual devotion and dedication of our faith and belief in the Lord and Jesus Christ our Savior.

 Our mission is to continue the work of the Lord while providing for the future existence of our church to meet the spiritual needs of its members.

The Industry Brethren Church was officially organized in the 1870ís.  At the time, the chartering families and minister were immigrants from the present day Czech Republic, which organized the church to meet the spiritual needs of newcomers to America.  Until the 1940ís worship services were held in Czech, as many members were descendents of the Czech Republic.  However, this ethnic identity has faded over the years.


Today the church continues, as in the past, committed to practice of the Christian faith.  The Industry Brethren Church welcomes anyone to worship, which is held every Sunday at 9 AM.


Facilities presently consist of a worship sanctuary and fellowship hall.  A cemetery is located on the church grounds, with tombstones dating back to the 1880ís.


Although the congregation is smaller, compared to other congregations in the area, the Industry Brethren Church is able to accomplish many tasks of larger congregations.  If you are looking for a congregation, which you can be actively involved and make a difference, consider visiting the Industry Brethren Church.  We look forward to seeing you.




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Industry Brethren Church

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